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Travel Insurance

Be Insured while you Travel Anywhere
With travel come a set of contingencies including loss of baggage, flight cancellations, loss of travel documents, injuries, etc. These become a hassle and a financial liability when you are in a foreign country. The bills might turn out to be heavy on pocket considering the amount already spent on the trip. Hence, before starting your travel abroad, it is advisable to arrange for Travel Insurance services.
Secure your travel 
Whether you are going on a quick business trip, the vacation of a lifetime, or even moving abroad to study somewhere, you will require a travel insurance. It is better to know that you are secure of any mishap. This secure state of mind will add to the happiness of visiting new places. When carefree, you will be able to view enjoy the destination more. Thus, booking a travel insurance plan under us will enhance your stay and pleasure at the destination.
Areas covered under the travel insurance services 
Our travel insurance plans offers different levels of coverage so you can choose the right plan for your unique needs and budget. Some of the Travel Insurance benefits and non-insurance services include:
Coverage for trip cancellation – Be reimbursed of the money you invested in your trip. The percentage amount is subject to the terms and conditions.
Coverage for trip interruption – Recover your trip costs depending on the coverage you choose. The percentage amount is subject to the terms and conditions.
24-hour access to emergency assistance services – so no matter where you are, you have help when you need it. The network of facilities under our plan will always be ready to provide the necessary services in the times of need.
Hence, do not let the money saved for travel, go to waste. Avoid additional and unplanned expenses. Talk to our agents and choose the best fitted travel insurance plan today. Because you deserve to travel knowing the trip of your dreams is insured.